A special partnership with Krohn Conservatory and Finneytown High School offers special needs students a chance “to bloom” at Warder Nursery

May 12, 2016. Local Cincinnati.

Krohn Conservatory and Warder Nursery (the greenhouses that grow all the plants used in the special exhibits at Krohn as well as plants used in other Cincinnati Parks venues) created a work-study program that offers several special needs students an opportunity to do weekly trips to Warder Nursery with Diana Erdmann, a special education teacher from Finneytown High School.

The students had a “hands-on” experience planting, growing, as well as decorating the cans as planters, and were guided and mentored by the staff at Warder Nursery. “It’s been amazing getting to know these special students and teaching them the basics skills of planting and growing plants,” says Tracy Fryburger, the Warder Nursery florist who ‘cultivated’ the “We Can” outreach program, “watching them learn and enjoy the process has been very rewarding for all of us.”

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Springfield Twp. continues work on master plan update

May 5, 2016. Enquirer Article.

Springfield Township has set two open houses so the public can look over recommendations for the plan update and make comments before they are presented to trustees for adoption.

The open houses are set for 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 18, and Wednesday, May 25, in the Allen Paul Meeting Room of the Springfield Township Administration Building, 9150 Winton Road. There will be displays to help residents see and understand the recommendations being proposed.

At the conclusion of the May 25 open house, the Springfield Township Board of Trustees will meet and conduct a public hearing on the recommendations allowing the public to comment. The board could adopt the recommendations at the meeting.

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Springfield Twp. continues work on master plan update

April 15, 2016. Enquirer Article.

At tables scattered around the Grove Banquet Hall, members of the Neighborhood Master Plan Review Committee looked at a 2016 preliminary plan for the area around the Warder Nursery property last week.

Springfield Township officials are revisiting the Neighborhood Master Plan process, and have appointed a resident committee to consider an update to the township’s Neighborhood Master Plan. The original plan, adopted by the trustees in 2011, provided guidance for the major community projects and overall direction of the township during the past five years.

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Development would destroy Warder Park

March 28, 2016. Letter to the Enquirer.

Please help us save the last wild green space in Springfield Township. Trustees have a shortsighted plan to destroy Warder Park’s biodiversity on its more than 40 acres. They have obtained the services of a major development company. The developer and trustees are enamored with the trendy concept of mixed-use development that would annihilate the green space and animal habitat.

Come experience Warder’s magic. You’ll see ponds full of small golden fish right out of a fairy tale. You’ll have the visceral thrill of seeing great blue herons, red fox, barred owls, snapping turtles, frogs and huge toads, white-tailed deer, geese and ducks, Cooper’s hawks and old oaks on lush green space.

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Opposition vows battle not over for Warder development

December 17, 2015 Enquirer Article:

The spokesman for a residents opposed to development of the Warder Nursery property in Finneytown says the group could take its battle to court if officials continue plans to develop the site.

David Hughes, president of the Denier Drive Street Association and a spokesman for Keep Warder Wild, said his group had collected 500 signatures in opposition to a mixed use development on the site.

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Many oppose proposed development at site of Springfield Twp. park

December 14, 2015 WLWT:

Homeowners in Springfield Township are fighting to keep a green space in their community.

Township trustees heard from the public Monday night in a special meeting. More than 200 people packed the meeting space, many of them wanting to keep Warder Park a park and avoid any future business or residential development.

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Warder development causing controversy for some residents

November 27, 2015 Enquirer Article on the rising controversy:

Springfield Township officials are continuing their discussion about development in the township’s core district, but some residents say they didn’t know there was a conversation going on.

A controversy is brewing over the development of the 42-acre Warder Nursery property, identified on the township’s master plan for mixed use development in the core district. The property is south of Finney Trail, east of Winton Road near Whitaker Elementary and north of North Bend Road. Township officials heard from a group of residents whose homes abut the Warder Nursery at a recent township meeting and “Keep Warder Live” signs have started popping up in some areas of the township.

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Warder Nursery will be a park.

November 20, 1998 Enquirer Article on the purchase of Warder by the Township:

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP – Warder Nursery will be developed into a park, with both recreational and green space, after the Cincinnati Park Board agreed Thursday to sell or lease the area to the township.

The park board passed a resolution at its meeting that allows the township, where Warder is located, to either buy it outright or lease it for 10 years.

The primary stipulation is that the area not be developed into something other than a park. The township has said it would develop the 42 acres into both playing fields and green space, possibly with hiking trails.

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